Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Kristin Goldscher

Mario and a client in between a rep

Personal Training

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics of the Olympic lifts, the advanced lifter needing intensive coaching, or anyone preferring one-to-one instruction, this is perfect.  Four (4) private sessions for a beginner is highly recommended before participating in group classes.

Personal training is by appointment.  Please see call 443.820. 8293 so set up your appointment and see our Location & Class Time page to find the location most convenient for you.

Single Session:  $85    Four Sessions:  $280

Here’s What Lifter, Mary Jo McBride Has to Say About Us:

OHS or Overhead Squats. It doesn’t matter how you put it, my form, well, what form? I was determined to get at least one. At 48, I know I’m strong but putting something over my head and then squatting with it just wasn’t happening. I got to work with Mario a few times and he walked me, no took me through baby steps in working the basics and the mechanics of the Overhead Squat. I was slowly, with no weight on the bar working on form, how to find my center, how to listen to my body and how my body is performing the lift. Slowly, I was seeing myself not only doing one but one after the other with more confidence. Mario took the time to work with me, methodically and patiently. A tweak here and a tweak there. Mario made a program specific for me, in a Masters category (40+). Multiple reps in a lift had to be scaled in order for my body to respond well to the lifts as they got heavier.

Being a lover of weightlifting since I was a teenager, this has been a dream come true to have Mario as an OLY coach.

Mary Jo McBride

The changes in my lifts, confidence and form have been obvious. OHS? Looking to move on to Clean and Jerks next. Stay tuned!
-Mary Jo McBride


Members may cancel personal one-hour, one-on-one Olympic weightlifting Instruction/coaching upon written notice to OSS (email is acceptable).  Monthly membership termination shall be effective at the end of the calendar month in which the Member notifies OSS. OSS reserves the right to charge visits to prepaid multiple-visit cards for members who reserve a group class spot and do not attend.  A reservation may include any form of request (i.e. via voicemail, email, social media message or reservation through Front Desk). 

Prepaid fees for clinics cancelled two weeks (14 calendar days) or more before scheduled clinic will be refunded in total.  Clinics cancelled within two weeks (14 calendar days) of the scheduled clinic will be refunded less a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the tuition for all registered students.

Prepaid fees for programming is non-refundable.

*Note: Programming is proprietary material and not subject to any use not expressly authorized by OSS.