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WELCOME!  At Dispenza Weightlifting (DW)  you’ll fit right in!  Whether you’re anxious about entering a gym for the first time, need strength and conditioning for a specific sport, or are training for a National weightlifting meet, you needn’t look any further.  You’ll find what you’re looking for right here.  Our members include the entire range of ability from curious novices to USA Weightlifting (USAW) athletes training for National meets.  Everyone pursues individual goals with tremendous results.  You’ll also have support, camaraderie, and lots of fun!

Most of our training is group workouts but DW is not one-size-fits-all training.  Founded by National USAW Weightlifting Coach and International Masters Lifter Mario Dispenza, we focus on the strength and conditioning needs of individual athletes with expert training in Olympic weightlifting.  Clients come to us with varying goals and abilities, which DW understands and takes into account in devising your training.

For example, we know the challenges posed by training different age groups.  Youth and teenage athletes need a wide variety of physical activity to develop physically and into the athletes they want to become.  Athletes in their late teens and 20s can handle more strenuous training and may have high aspirations for competitive weightlifting or other sports.  Different still are the mature athlete’s needs who in addition to training must balance family, careers and the changing physical abilities from the peak competitive years.  As our coach is an experienced competitive lifter who began his lifting career after the age of 40, he knows that the client’s enjoyment, development, and success depends on understanding the client.  At DW, your personal development is paramount, which is why your program will be individualized.  Kortney Sam Emily May 24 2014

During the initial meeting and training session, you’ll discuss your needs, interest level, time budget and goals with Coach Dispenza so he can develop your personal workout plan.  You’ll receive programming he’ll design to meet your goals and he will coach you in your training.  You have the option of joining group workouts at any of our several locations or choose personal training sessions.

Your training will constantly evolve as strength gains depend on progressively increasing the training stress on the body.  This, too depends on the individual and throughout your training you’ll give and receive constant feedback that will be critical for planning your next phase of training.  We do this to optimize your development.

Call us today!  We’re looking forward to meeting you!